''I just wanted to take a second to thank you. You were able to reintroduce me to the ways I knew my body could feel, and you lay in me a confidence and kindness, a giving nature, that I had forgotten I had possessed. I have struggled with my identity for a very long time. And with you, I was able to feel so good about it. So good about who I am.Life is really good right now. I have been dating a beautiful woman for 6 months now. She came into my life very unexpectedly, and I hope she stays.
You popped into my mind today, and it just had me thinking about my journey, and you were a part of that. I know I wouldn't have ever had the chance to meet my girlfriend had it not been for you. So. Thank you. I hope everything is well.'' - Private Correspondence posted with permission of author, July 31st


''Harley, it is hard to express with words the wonder you inspire in out time together, you are so enchanting. Thank you for giving me a chance to explore your kind soul full of spice with just the right bully streak. I'll think of you often and look forward to discovering what I am sure will be many sensations that I come across in daily life that bring to mind your smile, laughter and bright eyes. I will treasure your kiss, touch and bites, and am looking forward to those strikes you so sweetly whisper would be in my future.'' - Private correspondence posted with permission of author, Nov 2016 


''I feel compelled to leave a comment for Harley. If you’re like me, this is a new experience. You aren’t sure what to expect, but want to make sure it is worthwhile. This is why you’re looking for an elite companion, and Harley is exactly that. I booked Harley a week before we met. I liked her screening process. She called me at the office, and we had a chat for a few minutes. By that time, I knew she was for me. I was talking to an educated young lady, and I knew I could trust her. Our date was at high-end hotel in Toronto. This was my first time, and I decided I would be most comfortable with an outcall. Harley arrived on time with a gentle knock on my door. When I first laid eyes upon her, I was surprised. She is a beautiful human being. Not only is she stunning, there is nothing fake about her. We started with a delightful conversation. If you appreciate the arts, you will love this girl. I could have talked to her for much longer, but she eventually guided me into the bedroom. What happened there is really beside the point. It is sufficient to say that she is everything you’re missing in life. Be advised that Harley is an absolute treasure. It is a truly privilege to spend time with her. She gives you her full attention, and looks deeply into your eyes. I would love to take this girl on the vacation of her dreams. I intend to see Harley again. Not only is her personality addictive, she is incredibly attractive. She dresses to impress, and her lingerie will leave you speechless.'' - Private Correspondence Review - Oct 2016


'' I booked weeks in advance. We quickly decided on a restaurant in town... it was on her recommendation as I know she has a amazing sense for great dining within Toronto. I love the way she looks in her nice tight black dress, hugging her wonderful natural curves (she has a derriere to die for.) Her full lips are soft and ever so inviting... It felt literally like having a great night and morning with my girlfriend. It's what is absolutely endearing about her... I walk away knowing that this overnight will forever be etched in my memory.'' - TER, Oct 2016


''Harley was such a beauty and her tight clothes highlighted the sexy curves on her body. She is indeed model-material. With such a seductive body, what captivated me was her beautiful smile... she unhooked her bra which revealed a fabulous pair of breasts in which I was dying to get my hands on. They easily could have been one of the, if not, the most beautiful pair of breasts I've ever seen...  Mankind has produced some of the finest works of art throughout history from Michelangelo's David to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. However, both fall short in comparison to the gorgeous woman that is Harley Stone. She is indeed the complete package! Dynamite body, beautiful personality, highly-intelligent, and full of sex appeal. I hope that in the near future, our paths will cross once again. Thank you for the wild time, Harley.''

- TER - Aug 2016


''To say HS is a dream come true is an under statement.... She looks like a 20 something enthusiastic college girl with the looks of a model.. in a small package! I was so lost in her blue eyes.. and gorgeous smile and couldn’t wait to kiss her!  I was taken aback by the beautiful tits! So youthful, perky, pale and inviting! after she tied her beautiful red/blonde hair back and looked totally ravishing. she has such a tight, gorgeous body... it felt heavenly!This was such an amazing meeting.. I don’t think i’m going to forget it... and I plan to meet her every time she visits.'' - TER- Aug 2016


''Harley is so sweet. She was dressed in a nice shirt and blouse. Such a nice kisser. She straddled my lap and made out hot and heavy. experience with Harley! Will definitely see her again when she comes back!'' - TER- Aug 2016


''Much has been written about Harley and the praise is all well deserved. She is a charming, beautiful girl. The kind of girl that you could imagine studying with in the stacks and, when bored, she would pull you to a secluded corner of the library to fool around.She has petite but curvy frame. Some fortunate genetics have bestowed her with huge, natural, soft but firm tits. She also has a perfectly round and perky ass that begs to be manhandled.She is a passionate lover. Grabbing and kissing and holding tight. She's a treat. We should all be so lucky as to have a chance to spend some time with her.''

Aug 2016 - CAERF


''Her confidence and beauty is incredibly sexy and I enjoyed every minute of our time together.While her photos (even without face picture) captivated me, I learned that Harley is woman who had garnered much respect from her peers and suitors. She is who she says she is and that’s refreshing.What a vision Harley is … she is as beautiful as she is seen on her website. She is slender, curvy like the sexy women of the 60s, like Ann-Margaret and Honor Blackman, my kind of women. She has magnificently suckable breasts, which I got to know very well before I left. Harley is a woman I want to see again and again …. Harley is the kind of woman you want as your ATF … conversational, funny, intelligent, playful, sexy, pretty, kinky and gets you excited easily. When she returns to Austin, she’ll be mine.' - July 2016 - TER


''Hopefully she will be wearing her glasses when you arrive, as they make her look so angelic and studious....which only adds to the hot little minx that are behind them! My time with her was so relaxed and sensual....definitely somebody to see again if she returns to Chicago. If you can see her, do so!'' - June 2016 - TER


''She's absolutely the college girl next door type. The hot one. I had requested casual clothes, and in jeans and her top it literally looked like she just came from the library at University. if you're looking for stimulation of mind and body from a beautiful girl with the best tits in the game, I absolutely recommend Harley. Harley has a voracious sexual appetite, and it comes through in her session. Guys - definitely go see Harley if you have the chance. She's a gem.'' - June 2016 - TER


''Was captivated by her website and twitter--seemed like such a unique and uber stylish person. Was buzzed up and greeted by a beautiful woman in a knock-out dress wrapping her knock-out curves--stunning. She's got a sexy girl next door initial appearance but with one sneaky smile and look from her you know that there's a voracious tiger underneath. If you want to enjoy the company of a gorgeous, openminded, passionate girl with an intellect beyond her years then look no further. Great conversation, she's a really interesting, down to earth and worldly woman of mystery.'' - June, 2016- TER


''She is simply gorgeous and very graceful. Harley does not show her face in her pics on her website but rest assured, she is very pretty. She is the girl next door type with a banging body, and while being very refined and intelligent, she has a voracious appetite for sex and is very open minded. She put me at ease immediately...She is sincere, genuine, real, compassionate, and caring...In addition to being able to carry on an intelligent conversation, she just simply loves sex. She made me feel so alive and renewed...If you are on the fence about seeing her, don't hesitate. She is a must see but be careful - you just might get addicted to her. I know I am.'' - June, 2016 -TER


''Harley Stone is a spunky red head and a completely bodacious babe. She is my ATF due to her amazing personality and skills in bed. She's always looking to please and always makes sure you have a great time...Together, this dynamic duo were playful yet sensual. You can tell that they were hot for each other from the way they kissed each other. They were simply electric.'' - June, 2016- TER Duet review with Sweet Kylie Raine


''As I write this to you, I can't help but smile as I think about last night.  Last night was one of the most intense, passionate and erotic times I have ever had in my life.  I now feel like I have been purged of my shame and guilt.  I think for a long time now I have seen my sexuality as something separate from who I was. It was something dark and forbidden.  But last night a shift happened in my mind. For the first time I saw my sexuality as part of who I am and needing to be integrated into my life rather than be kept separate.  I want to thank you for allowing me to be open, vulnerable and real with you.  Last night everything felt so genuine, so real, so life giving.  I feel like a new person today, like I have been born again.'' - Private email testimonial, shared online with permission of author - May 2016


''She is the sexy and intelligent Girl Next Door you fantasize about. Great conversation and attitude. Her body is to die for, her sexiness and passion makes the intimate time unforgettable...I have to say that Harley's breasts are as close to perfect as they come IMO... Harley is an amazing young lady, that makes you forget everything and enjoy the moment. Highly recommended and always appreciated...'' - April, 2016 - TER


''Her attention to detail, ability to make you comfortable and her aim to make this as enjoyable as possible for both of you makes her an ultimate courtesan in my books. You literally feel like it's just the perfect moment with the hour or two you spend together.''

- Jan, 2016 - CAERF


''I met Harley at the Halloween party and I knew right then and there I would be booking the nerdy sexy looking librarian! I love that look!...Harley has an awesome natural body with a fantastic booty and spectacular breasts!'' - Nov, 2015 -CAERF


''Harley is an incredibly attractive woman, with a sexy toned body. She's got great curves, gorgeous boobs and is just all around sultry. The conversation flowed with ease, and Harley is a highly intelligent, well educated woman. Plus her love of great music just makes her that much hotter.'' - Nov, 2015- LYLA 


''As for the lady, she's an insatiable vixen... And of course she has an extremely sexy and fit body that had me craving her during and even sometime after our encounter. Not only that but her personality is amazing. It was like I was spending time with my girlfriend. It felt very sensual and genuine...

Recommend? Whole-heartedly. Repeat? Of course.'' - Nov, 2015 - CAERF


''She's not only incredibly beautiful but she’s also very smart. A great conversationalist with whom you could spend hours talking… and that itself would be a true delight. A petite frame... she’s probably 5’2”… but we know that great things come in small packages sometimes, don't we? This young girl has a gorgeous body. Stunning. The upper front is about 32C… and man, that’s a perfect natural pair. Looking at her breasts just left me speechless. And her derriere… wow… it must have been engineered and designed by the gods themselves.'' - October, 2015- CAERF


''Shes the girl that's just as beautiful made up as she is free of make up...way past GND...  She's new at this, and I can already say she's one of my all time faves. playful, accommodating, funny, super duper horny, she loves doing this it so easy to see. what a natural, she takes direction well and can turn the session from gfe to pse in a blip.''

June, 2015 - TERB